Library Communications Journal – a new journal for library communications professionals

Exciting to see this actually happening after the inaugural conference I attended in 2011, with great sessions on digital signage and social media, among others. Now I just have to start brainstorming some article ideas. On that topic, how do you generate and record ideas? I have found, over the years and to my disappointment, that my workplace culture is not one of idea-generation. I’m not sure what it would take to be one — article or book clubs, staff teams built around common library goals, like user experience? — but it’s definitely not here. Now that I’m back into more of a habit of reading blogs, articles & books (one of my professional goals for 2012), I’m struggling with how to keep track of the ideas that I generate upon reading. Would love to hear your ideas!

CFP: Library Communications Journal – a new journal for library communications professionals

As part of the formation of The Association of Library Communications and Outreach Professionals (ALCOP) which is scheduled to be announced on or before February 15th, a new online journal focused on library communications has been established, and we are now seeking articles for the first issue.

Library Communications Journal will be an online quarterly publication available to ALCOP members and will feature practical articles on a diverse range of issues of concern to library communications professionals today. At the helm of the new journal will be Ms. Jordan Strohl, an experienced journalist who has been a contributor to many professional journals focused on communications. Jordan will serve as the Managing Editor and Assistant to the Publisher.

We are seeking articles on such topics as:

•        using social media to promote libraries
•        ideas for outreach to underserved populations
•        innovative program ideas and how to promote them
•        how to motivate the library staff
•        using technology in promoting the library
•        how to plan a great special event
•        best practices for working with the media
•        fostering student engagement with the academic library

… and many other issues relevant to you and how you do your job

We also seek all kinds of “how to” articles as well as book reviews on new texts focusing on library marketing and public relations.

The journal will welcome articles directed at a general audience or specifically for practitioners serving public, academic, or special libraries.

We are seeking articles no more than 2,000 words in length and book reviews should not be more than 400 words. LCJ allows all authors to retain copyright privileges to their work.

To be considered for the inaugural issue of Library Communications Journal, please submit your articles in Word format to Jordan Strohl at no later than February 15, 2012. Please address any questions to Jordan at that same email address.

We hope you will be part of our first issue schedule to be published in the early Spring.





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2 responses to “Library Communications Journal – a new journal for library communications professionals

  1. Will ALCOP be a subdivision of ALA, or an independent association? Who will be hosting the subscription content?

  2. ALCOP is not affiliated with ALA. You can learn more about the new association here: Since the first issue of the journal hasn’t come out yet, I’m not sure about the format or delivery mechanism or archives, but I’m sure you could communicate with them to find out more.

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