Library construction project marketing videos

I’ve been thinking about library construction projects lately and happened across these great short videos that North Carolina State University (NCSU) has produced while they are raising money for and undergoing construction on their Hunt Library. What I like about these videos is that they place the users at the center of the construction project, showing students and faculty (some in hardhats) talking about how they’re going to benefit from the renovated library and what it means to teaching and learning at NCSU. The library has branded the campaign with the tagline “imagine” and re-uses it in different scenarios, like “imagine 100 group study rooms” (don’t we all wish we could offer so many study rooms!) It’s nice and simple but makes sense for a construction project that can often feel never-ending and only about the current noise and reduced space and services. The short videos are linked from the library’s home page and are a great model for any academic library about to launch or in the middle of a construction project. And they shouldn’t be too difficult to produce. You can even get students to help you out in the making of them. Now that’s user-centered!:

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