Unveiling library newsletter redesign

I’m really happy to finally be able to share online the redesign of Lafayette College’s Library newsletter, Bytes & Books. As I wrote in my letter from the editor:

“Bytes & Books began in 1987 with an article about the automation of the Library Catalog. While the stories have changed through the years to reflect the advent of networked information,  organizational restructuring, new media formats and collecting initiatives, and building projects, the black-and-white format has stayed remarkably the same. The color and lightness of the revamped Bytes & Books is more representative of the modern and renovated Skillman Library…”

I am very much indebted to Kevin Hardy in Lafayette College’s Communications Division for his design. I’ve heard from a lot of faculty about the newsletter, so I know I accomplished what I wanted, which was to make it pop in people’s mailboxes enough for them to pay attention and read it.

You can view the new Bytes & Books(Spring 2012) at http://dspace.lafayette.edu/bitstream/handle/10385/936/BB-v26-n01.pdf

You can view the old Bytes & Books(Fall 2011) at http://dspace.lafayette.edu/bitstream/handle/10385/935/BB-v25-n02.pdf



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