Moving on to outreach job at UCSB

I can finally announce that I will be leaving Lafayette College at the end of this semester to take a job as Assistant University Librarian for Outreach and Academic Collaboration at the University of California, Santa Barbara. It is an incredible opportunity for me to do outreach, PR, and public events for a library on a much larger scale and in a more strategic position, and I am very excited about it. Davidson Library is about to undergo a renovation and I will be managing the public face of the library through that (hence my recent post about construction projects being on my mind). Other responsibilities include overseeing the library’s web presence (they recently migrated to Drupal), developing library publications (they only just started a newsletter for faculty called The Lens), running public programs, developing partnerships on campus, and generally trying to raise the profile of the library, especially among faculty.It will be a challenge as I move from a small liberal arts college to a large decentralized university and move into managing staff, but I am ready for it. I’m especially excited to work under the leadership of their relatively new University Librarian, Denise Stephens. I came away from my interview feeling that I would be very much supported in my professional growth there.

I will miss my colleagues at Lafayette very much, and am so grateful to the library for hiring me straight out of graduate school and allowing me the freedom while giving me the resources to do new things, like QR code scavenger hunts and student advisory groups. I’m especially sad that I’ll miss the Banned Books Week events that we’ve been planning for next year, complete with a flash-mob-style read out (so send me video, Ana!), but my mind has already shifted westward and is reeling with ideas for UCSB.

So much to do before I start on July 16, like sell my house in PA, fly out to Santa Barbara again to find a rental, find a summer program for my kid, figure out how to transport my car and dog cross-country, etc. If I think too much about it, I get overwhelmed. I’m sure there’s something else I should be doing right now…

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