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Google Alerts

I’ve been a less-than-stellar blogger lately, but the details of preparing for a talk, selling my house, and planning a move have really taken over my life. My inbox is clogged with a backlog of professional reading. One of the sets of emails I get sent to me regularly is from Google Alerts. I keep Google Alerts on:

  • library outreach
  • library marketing
  • social media (library OR libraries)
  • library communications
  • academic (library OR libraries)

I’m still playing around with these. Of course, a lot of what I get are press releases from large public library communications departments, but there are enough gems in there — like blogs I’ve never heard of and more mainstream news stories that mention libraries, that I keep it up. Besides, the habit is ingrained in me from my many years of doing public relations before I became a librarian.

I also keep a Google Alert on my parent organization — Lafayette College (and now UCSB) — and I suggest you do, too! It means I get to see the good news before my College posts it to their web site, and I get to see the bad news that they’ll never push out. I get to hear about our faculty lecturing in local communities around the country or publishing research that’s mentioned in trade publications, which offers me an opportunity to drop a line of congratulations and to see if the library can assist. Or it’s news that I can then push back out via the Library’s Facebook page. It’s just one more way of keeping my ear to the ground for potential opportunities to market the library.

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